4 ways to look after your veneer

4 ways to look after your veneer

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Porcelain veneers seem to be the best option for tooth problems that affect your smile. This is a cosmetic dentistry using a porcelain or ceramic material attached to the teeth. Although the materials used to make veneers will last for a long time. But it can still be damaged if not taken care carefully. Therefore, let’s see what should you do to prevent the veneer from being damaged prematurely:

1. Regularly brush your teeth, use dental floss after eating. You may think that veneer materials do not decay. But for your real teeth behind the veneers, there is still a chance of decay that may cause pain or gum problem which eventually will affect the veneers. For veneer, try using a special soft-bristled toothbrush or electric brush to gently clean your teeth, use dental floss and finish with mouthwash.


2. Floss gently. Be careful of cracked veneers.

The specialist dentist who did treatment for you recommend and teach how to brush and floss your teeth. We want to emphasize that brushing or pressing too much weight onto the veneer can damage it. You should clean your mouth and teeth gently.


3. Eat food and drinks that create less teeth stains.

If you like to consume soft drinks, coffee, tea, wine, and food that will leave stains, then you should find the opportunity to brush your teeth as soon as possible to prevent stains. Or at least gargle with clean water can also help.


4. Avoid cigarettes and tobacco.

Less stain from smoking will be helping your oral health and can extend the lifetime of the veneer. Nicotine will make the veneer become yellowish easily of course, getting this stain out is not an easy task.

In addition to the 4 suggestions above you should regularly check with your dentist for general check up and check veneer every 6 months to see if your veneer needs to be cleaned or modified. This discipline will help the veneer has a long lifetime.