7 things to know before teeth whitening

7 things to know before teeth whitening

1. Our teeth are like a sponge.

Our teeth actually have many small pores that are ready to absorb the color of various foods and drinks. Over time, these stains will dull your teeth.

2. Our teeth are not all white.

This is something that you must be aware of in advance because the truth is, not everyone will have the brightest white teeth as we see on TV. Teeth whitening is the removal of color stains from teeth to make your teeth return to natural color. Each person will have different teeth whiteness.

3. Teeth whitening does not hurt the teeth.

Eating acidic food may hurt your teeth. But, you don’t have to worry if you do teeth whitening by a dentist because the gel or teeth bleach contains Hydrogen Peroxide, it will help the tooth stains to become smaller which makes the teeth whiter.

4. There are many ways to whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening can be done in many ways, including at the clinic by a dentist. You can try using teeth whitening products at home, such as tooth whitening gel in combination with teeth whitening trays. But, if you need white teeth in no time, Zoom teeth whitening by Zoom! at the clinic is considered a convenient and fast option as well.

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5. Teeth will not be white overnight.

You must have discipline in teeth whitening to bring back your bright smile. But, we think it’s worth it anyway. The best time for teeth whitening is before you go to bed because you will not eat rr get any more stains anymore.

6. Teeth sensitivity in teeth whitening is normal.

Don’t panic if you get sensitive teeth during the teeth whitening process because while the teeth whitening solution is working, the dentin tube will open causing to be more sensitive to temperature. When teeth whitening process done, this symptom will go away by itself. However, this symptom may not occur to everyone. The dentist will normally advise you before bleaching.

7. Whitening result is temporary.

The effects of teeth whitening are not sustainable for very long. It’s depending on the individual’s dental care which may have to try to avoid consuming too much coloured food and drinks. Brushing teeth after consuming these types of food or drink is recommended. Most importantly, you have to see a dentist to check the oral health periodically.