About Invisalign Provider

About Invisalign Provider

Invisalign is an Orthodontic treatment widely used around the world as an alternative to conventional wire braces. The technology has been around since year 2000, conceived by Align Technology Inc. in the United States.

Just only a year after the introduction of Invisalign to the public, Denta-Joy brought the technology to Thailand to be the first Invisalign Provider in Thailand.

Furthermore, because of this pioneering act and extensive experience in handling Invisalign cases throughout the years, Denta-Joy holds the title as the Rank#1 Invisalign Provider in all of SouthEast Asia and a lifetime achievement award for treating the most number of Invisalign cases in the region. In 2014, Align technology assigned Denta-Joy to be its first and only Flagship clinic in Thailand.

Align Technology Inc. classifies Invisalign providers based on the number of cases treated to 10 categories. Below shows the top five most significant categories in the industry.

1. Platinum Elite level 80+ Patients (Denta-Joy received from 2001 to 2013).

2. Diamond level 150+ patients

3. Black Diamond level – 400+ patients (Denta-Joy received from 2014 to 2015).

4. Blue Diamond level – 750 + patients (Denta-Joy received from 2016 to present).

5. Red Diamond Number of Patients 1,000+

Denta-Joy is currently a Blue Diamond Provider and it’s on its way to get the next highest level through the trust our patients are continuously putting on our brand, doctors, and experience.