How to choose your “Thai” clinic – Dental Tourism in Thailand

How to choose your “Thai” clinic – Dental Tourism in Thailand

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving - Dental Tourism in Thailand

Everyone loves traveling, but sometimes it is hard to convince yourself that another vacation is necessary. The good news is that in our globalized world, there are more reasons to travel than ever before, maximizes both your time and money spent in ways you never thought possible – taking care of yourself!


Originally termed “health tourism”, medical, and specifically dental tourism has become a common practice among not just the wealthy, but anyone looking to explore the world and have some high quality, low cost work done, that is often times necessary anyway. Thailand specifically has become one of the premiere destinations for such work, with the Ministry of Health reporting that 15% of the world’s dental tourism comes through Thailand each year.


While it may not seems practical, if you consider that dental work, orthodontics, and even things like Invisalign could be done in Thailand at 50% the cost of your residing country, the picture starts to become clear that not only is it possible, but it makes sense. The money you can save getting treatments in Thailand will easily off-set the price of travel, allowing anyone to experience a country rich in history, culinary delights, and friendly people.

Finding the Right Clinic

If you were considering dental work, or even so far as getting Invisalign in Thailand the tough part is deciding on the right clinic to do so. Finding a dentist or orthodontist can be tough, and requires a combination of word of mouth, internet research, and contacting clinics personally to find the best fit. Everyone wants a good deal, but you also want to make sure the doctors are qualified and skilled, so here are some basic things that everyone should be looking for:


  • Find a user-friendly website/system. Many dental clinics offer international support via phone, email, or even live chat. Use these services to make sure they seem professional, qualified, and speak English well. If you can’t communicate with your doctors, everything will be much more difficult
  • It’s also important to make sure you find a clinic that is certified. Is the clinic ISO ( certified? If you’re going to make an experience out of getting some dental or orthodontic done abroad, make sure the clinic is legitimate.
  • Finally, and probably most important, what is the panel of dentists and orthodontists like? Typically you can find doctors who are part of the The Dental Council of Thailand, the ABO (American Board of Orthodontics), and the XXXX. While saving money is definitely a goal, making sure you have the best treatment is even more important. The best dentist and orthodontists in Thailand have all been trained in the West, so don’t settle for anything less! This not only makes sure you get the top level care affordably, but also that you can communicate with your doctor in English effortlessly!

Choosing the Type of Care

What people don’t always consider is that dental tourism doesn’t have to be limited to emergency or only necessary procedures. Thailand can be a great place to get root canals, veneers, or implants, but also many people travel to Thailand in order to even have cosmetic dentistry work done, such as Invisalign. While there are obvious reasons to make the trip for necessary procedures, it is also important to consider other, more personal reasons to make the trip.


Having a beautiful smile or correcting other problems is easier than ever with technology, and when you combine that with the low costs of having it done abroad, maybe having your Invisalign in Thailand is much more practical, affordable, and fun than you ever considered. How many people consider dental work fun? Probably not many, but combine it with a trip to an exotic tropical paradise full of fabulous food, massages, and beautiful history – well, it certainly sounds like a much better deal.

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