Invisalign for All Ages

Invisalign for All Ages


The Right Fit at the Right Time

When people think about Invisalign, or especially orthodontics in general, people often think of a teenager or young adult, someone who is in middle school or high school, desperately trying to finish their treatment and remove the unsightly metal from their mouths. This is starting to change though, particularly because of how clear Invisalign aligners can really be, and how much this opens the doors for everyone to reap the benefits of a perfect smile.

Thinking about applying Invisalign for all ages can be a little tricky though, because one might not even know the best age, or age bracket. We are here to tell you that just about anyone can use Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment and get fantastic results.

1. Is Invisalign right for teenagers or young adults?

Yes, absolutely! Invisalign is appropriate especially for teenagers and young adults because of how sensitive and insecure they can be about their physical appearance. It can be so important to a young person be confident in their appearance, and what worse way to ruin a person’s confidence than put a bunch of ugly metal in their mouths! With Invisalign a parent can help their child reach their perfect smile without causing a lot of stress in their personal and school lives. What’s even better, is that since you can remove aligners whenever you need, they are something you can even take out for important times when you need to present you work, participate in a school play, or anything else where your smile and your ability to speak needs to be flawless.

2. What about new parents? Or other people in their 30’s and 40’s?

When we say that Invisalign can be good for all ages, we really mean it. There is no better way to correct your smile as an adult than with effortless, invisible aligners that you can take out anytime you need to – especially for parents and adults. Maybe you are embarrassed to have braces in front of your kids, or even other parents and adults you talk to –  it’s a completely natural feeling. But with the orthodontic solutions you can enjoy with Invisalign, you can fix your smile and still be confident about picking your children up from school. Even a night out with your spouse or meeting up with old friends can be more fun when you are more relaxed and confident about your smile, and not plagued with fears of distracting metal brackets

3. What about veteran parents and senior citizens, ages 40-60?

We believe the same rules apply! If you have an orthodontic issue or just want a better smile, there is no time like the present to make sure you get it taken care of. Invisalign is truly for all ages and there would no major changes in treatment planning and application. If you want to correct your teeth, and you want it to be easy and hard to see that you are wearing something in your mouth – well this is the perfect solution. Another reason people consider it, is that there is always the chance that, however unfortunate, you have an accident or injury that affects your teeth. With Invisalign, this can be cosmetically altered and fixed without having to feel like a child again wearing metal braces.

4. What about my grandparents? Age 70+?

I think the bigger problem here will be finding someone that age that still cares about fixing their teeth! However, Invisalign can still provide the benefits you are looking for. It can correct for orthodontic or cosmetic problems, or can be used to recover your smile after an injury. Regardless of how elderly you are, as long as you can still put the aligner in your mouth, you can enjoy the perks of having a confident smile.

Regardless of your age, hopefully we have shown you that Invisalign is really for all ages. Just remember to visit a professional orthodontist and certified Invisalign provider before accepting treatment from someone. Never has there been a more perfect time to see a professional and start your treatment, so start contacting your doctor today!