Invisalign in Sports / Active Lifestyle

Invisalign in Sports / Active Lifestyle

Staying Active and Sporty with Invisalign

The overall flexibility of Invisalign is consistently one of the best reasons to consider orthodontic treatment. Yet another reason for both the young and also adults to go through with it is because that even people with extremely active and sporty lifestyles can use them. Did you know that research1 shows that mom’s underestimate how self-conscious teenagers are about crooked teeth, and that getting traditional braces makes it even worse? It is probably safe to say that adults feel fairly similar in most circumstances, so it is important for people to know that sports and physical activities don’t need to stand in the way of proper orthodontic treatment and a perfect smile.   In order to fully grasp the ease of wearing them while playing sports, let’s review some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What sports can I play with Invisalign? Can I play contact sports like soccer?

A: While wearing Invisalign, your activities do not need to be affected. Whether you casually go running or to the gym, or whether you’re a high school football star who takes hits to the helmet everyday, you can still wear your aligners. Patients have been known to wear Invisalign with both high school sports like soccer, football, and volleyball, so there are no fears of having to avoid Invisalign.


Q: Are there any special requirements or considerations when playing sports?

A: There are no special considerations when using Invisalign with an active lifestyle except the normal ones playing any sports. If you play contact sports, it is recommended that you talk to your orthodontist and make sure you wear a mouthguard. Typically, you can find a mouthguard that fits around your Invisalign or in some cases, you can even take out your aligners and just wear the mouthguard. Just remember to keep your aligners closeby, even in your mouthguard case, so that you don’t forget to put them back in as soon as possible.


Q: Does this affect the cost?

A: No, the overall cost of your Invisalign treatment will be unaffected by whether you play sports. Your aligners will be the same as everyone else’s. The only extra cost will be the normal cost associated with getting a mouthguard, which is usually fairly inexpensive.


Q: What else should I consider?

A: The only other things to think about are some common questions about Invisalign, like the average cost and length of treatment. Typically, the cost and the length of time are the same or very similar with Invisalign aligners versus traditional braces. Also, aligners need to be worn about 21-22 hours a day on average – meal time being the most important time you take them out.

Whether a teenager or an adult, the benefits of Invisalign are undeniable and being a high school sports star or even a professional athlete doesn’t mean you have to delay or avoid getting your teeth straightened. Contact your orthodontist today and start discussing your options and treatment plan!

1Source: Hall & Partners Quant Survey, April 2008