Invisalign: More than just the price, It’s mostly the provider experience.

Invisalign; More than just the price, It's mostly the provider experience

Many people know orthodontics very well. In the advent of technology, finding information is not difficult. There are many types of Orthodontic treatments available today – Both metal and removable transparent. As Orthodontic treatments gain various options, the pricing involved of each orthodontic treatment will depend on the method, instrument used or the treating specialist. place or clinic accepting the orthodontist. Because of the increasing choice, it is understandable how confusion takes over the decision-making of people who wants to get their teeth straightened out.

Invisalign comes in different categories for different patients needs. These categories have effect on the price depending on the number of aligners and more. You can read more information, click here.

Generally, Invisalign is a method that digitalized conventional Orthodontics by using a computer program to render a 3D treatment plan from start to finish and base the actual production of aligners from it to make a sequential array of aligners to straighten teeth. By using plastic aligners molded from the patient’s teeth, the treatments happen by gradually moving the teeth using minimal force and less dental appointments. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth in a fixed number of millimeters. Here is where your dentist’s experience takes crucial role. A skilled and experienced dentist would know how much mobility to put in each aligner and which tooth to strategical move according to the patient’s current dentition and desired results. (Why Invisalign clear braces at Dentajoy? read here)

Invisalign treatment is truly an investment, and it is very important to consider the expertise and clinical experience of your clinic or provider to make this investment worth the bucks. The quality of the Invisalign provider will greatly affect the quality of your treatment, and inevitably, the quality of your life.

Dentajoy Invisalign Flagship Clinic

Dentajoy invisalign Flagship clinic Established in year 2000, Align Technology gave birth to one of the greatest advancements and change-makers in the Orthodontic industry – Invisalign. Invisalign is method to straighten teeth without wires, brackets – only plastic aligners. In January 2001, Denta-joy clinic, established in 1983 is the sole clinic in Thailand who initiated the adaptation of Invisalign technology from USA to Thailand to give Thais a better alternative in straightening teeth.Fast-forward in 2014, Denta-joy was awarded and authorized to be the only Invisalign Flagship in Thailand that offers wide range of excellent treatment plans and payment plans with Invisalign-certified dentists. Moreover, Denta-joy is now considered the highest-ranking Invisalign clinic in South East Asia for successfully treating the most number of Invisalign cases in the region for 4 years in a row.With more than 6,000 cases, 19 years of Invisalign partnership and 38 years of Orthodontic experience. Denta-joy is confident to share world-class Orthodontic treatment one can get in Thailand.

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About Invisalign Provider

About Invisalign Provider Invisalign is an Orthodontic treatment widely used around the world as an alternative to conventional wire braces. The technology has been around since year 2000, conceived by Align Technology Inc. in the United States. Just only a year after the introduction of Invisalign to the public, Denta-Joy brought the technology to Thailand to be the first Invisalign Provider in Thailand. Furthermore, because of this pioneering act and extensive experience in handling Invisalign cases throughout the years, Denta-Joy holds the title as the Rank#1 Invisalign Provider in all of SouthEast Asia and a lifetime achievement award for treating the most number of Invisalign cases in the region. In 2014, Align technology assigned Denta-Joy to be its first and only Flagship clinic in Thailand. Align Technology Inc. classifies Invisalign providers based on the number of cases treated to 10 categories. Below shows the top five most significant categories in the industry. 1. Platinum Elite level 80+ Patients (Denta-Joy received from 2001 to 2013). 2. Diamond level 150+ patients 3. Black Diamond level – 400+ patients (Denta-Joy received from 2014 to 2015). 4. Blue Diamond level – 750 + patients (Denta-Joy received from 2016 to present). 5. Red Diamond Number of Patients 1,000+ Denta-Joy is currently a Blue Diamond Provider and it’s on its way to get the next highest level through the trust our patients are continuously putting on our brand, doctors, and experience.

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Invisalign Throughout ASEAN

Invisalign Throughout ASEAN The progress of the ASEAN over the last 49 years has been impressive, and with the anniversary having just recently passed it’s important to take merit in the achievements throughout the region. Especially in regards to Invisalign, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam – all have made incredible strides to become world-premiere locations for dental and orthodontic care, including Invisalign treatments. Jakarta, Indonesia The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is home to more than just beautiful scenery. Jakarta, and its population of almost 10 million people, are a hub of Invisalign in southeast Asia. With more than 30 clinics in the city, it won’t be hard to get the treatment you need in this region.   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia One of the biggest development centers in southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur is massive urban center with a population of more than 1.5 million people. It also has a dense city-center filled with more than 40 clinics right in the heart of the downtown area, making it an ideal place to find qualified doctors.   Manila, Philippines The Philippines is also starting to show its presence in ASEAN with a steadily growing dental and orthodontic community. Though housing more than 1.5 million people in its capital, much like Kuala Lumpur, it is more recently developed and home to fewer certified professionals. Despite this, there are a variety of options in the city from trained doctors.   Singapore The economic powerhouse, Singapore, is home to a myriad of Invisalign options. The small city state has a population towering over 5 million people, despite being only about 719 km2/ 278 sq mi. It is also an incredible place to find great doctors, because it is saturated with top quality Invisalign providers, with more than 270 clinics in the area!   Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is the second largest capital city in the ASEAN by population, with a massive ~6.3 million people inhabiting the tropical urban center. Bangkok is considered one of the best places to get Invisalign treatment because not only do they have a multitude of doctors (more than 80 in the area), it is also home to the clinic providing the most care in all of the ASEAN. Denta-joy clinics are the number one provider of Invisalign in Southeast Asia with more than 401 cases just this last year alone, awarding it the Black Diamond provider award. Hard to ignore,

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