Getting to know the trend of ‘Clear braces’

Getting to know the trend of 'Clear braces’ or 'Clear aligner'


Nowadays, orthodontic treatment is popular among adults. However, being seen with metal brackets as adults may not give much confidence to them. This concern causes innovation in orthodontic treatment with clear braces. In the market, it is called ‘Invisalign’.

What is clear braces?

Clear braces is like the orthodontics that we’re familiar with. The differences are the material in made of clear plastic and they are removable. With this clarity you don’t really notice and no one will know that you are on orthodontic treatment. It also takes an average of 1-2 years for the treatment, which is 30% less than metal braces (depending on the dental health problems of each patient).

How is it better than traditional braces?

In addition to clear material and make treatment less time, Invisalign also makes each person’s lifestyle easier because it reduces the problem of being hit by metal brackets and wire in the mouth. Because metal braces are fixed on the teeth, they can cause food scraps tend to get stuck. That can cause tooth decay and various oral and dental health problems. Invisalign offers flexibility on dentist visit. Unlike metal braces, you don’t have to visit the dentist every month for braces adjustment or whenever the brackets come off. Invisalign aligners are manufactured from beginning and you can change them by yourself at home and this eliminates the need to visit the dentist often.

Suitable for every lifestyle.

There are some professions that prohibit people to have metal braces such as athletes, actors, celebrities, or flight attendants. With Invisalign clear braces, you will still be able to work comfortably with confidence.

Advanced technology like this is available in Thailand!

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign started in the year of 2000 in the United States. Denta-joy Dental Clinic started Invisalign treatment in Thailand since January 2001 and now is an Invisalign provider with Red Diamond Provider level, which is currently the highest level according to Align Technology Inc. We are ranked Top 2 in Asia Pacific, Top 1 in Southeast Asia, First Official Invisalign Accreditation since 2001, Invisalign Red Diamond Provider since 2018, and the only Invisalign Red Diamond Provider in Southeast Asia.


The Invisalign treatment begins with an oral scan that can be displayed in 3D for consultation and treatment planning in a 3D computer program so that both dentist and patients can understand together get satisfactory treatment results.

The clinic that provides Invisalign treatment has to be certified by Align Technology Inc. In addition, Align Technology Inc. also classifies service providers based on the number of treated cases. Currently, the highest level at this time is the Invisalign Red Diamond Provider.


Denta-joy is currently an Invisalign Red Diamond Provider. The only Invisalign Red Diamond Provider in South East Asia. Denta-joy is also the only clinic in Thailand that has been accepted by Align Technology Inc. to open the Flagship Clinic.

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