What is veneer? Is it suitable for you?

What is veneer? Is it suitable for you?

Veneers are another form of cosmetic dentistry that is very popular among celebrities, actors, as well as those who want to have a beautiful smile in no time. Veneer is the answer.

“What is veneer? Is it suitable for you?”

Veneer is a type of cosmetic dentistry. The material that looks like a tooth is coated or pasted on the tooth.

Veneer has been designed to help solve the problems of people with teeth spacing, small teeth, chipped teeth, uneven teeth, or teeth that are discolored and want them to be whiter.

There are 2 types of veneer materials:
  • Porcelain that is durable and looks like natural teeth.
  • Composite that is the same material used for filling teeth. Usually has a less lifetime than porcelain.

Veneer helps to correct the shape of the teeth to be beautiful and arranged in perfect order, which will help increase the confidence in your smile as well.

Denta-joy believes that everyone wants a beautiful smile to increase confidence in yourself. But, before making a veneer, we suggest you should study the information thoroughly, choose a reliable dental clinic with a team of dentists dedicated to providing accurate advice for a perfect smile and good oral health.