What should you do when your tooth is broken?
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What should you do when your tooth is broken?

Teeth are the hardest bones of humans. Its main function is to grind food before sending it to the digestive system in the body. But even if our teeth are strong, they can still break, especially from accident and the wrong use such as opening a bottle cap or biting solid objects, or even foods that are too hard can also hurt the teeth.

Tooth Filling

If your teeth have signs of damage, not very large or may have a slight hole decay, the dentist will recommend to do filling. Initially, the damaged part is removed and adjusted to suit the condition for filling. You can choose to use tooth-colored material like resin composite to fill the teeth, use light to harden the material and polish them to be smooth. This material can last up to about 10 years. There are other materials of filling with different price and lifespan. Please consult with the dentist.


Crowns are used to repair teeth in the case that there is less dentin. Dental crowns have a variety of materials. Whether metal, gold or porcelain, it depends on your own needs. It has a long lifespan if you take care by visiting the dentist every 6 months or according to the dentist’s advice.


If the tooth has a problem, whether decayed, chipped, or broken in the front teeth, veneer can be an option. Veneer is a thin sheet material made from porcelain and attach it to the tooth. Veneer is part of cosmetic dentistry, aside from repairing the problematic teeth, it can also improve the shape of your teeth and color.

Dental implants should be an option for teeth that cannot be saved and need to be extracted. Don’t worry about gaps in your teeth. You can get dental implants to fill the gaps. Dental implants nowadays have the same shape and feel as natural teeth. At least certainly better than leaving gaps empty. And it is definitely worth and good for you.

The most important thing is prevention. You should maintain real teeth for as long as possible with good oral health practice and visit the dentist routinely.

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