What implants are right for you?

What implants are right for you?

Don’t worry if you lose a tooth because dental implants can return a smile to you. A dental implant is durable, long-lasting, and worthwhile. Therefore, if you need to pull the tooth for any reason, it does not mean that you will lose a smile or have a gap in your mouth forever.

If you are thinking that implants are probably the answer to your smile, let’s take a look first. What types of dental implants are there?

Standard implants.

In general, dental implants come with dental crowns that are the same size and shape as your natural teeth. In order to do implant procedure, you must have good gum health. The jaw should be strong enough to support the implant. In the case of insufficient jaw bone, procedure will require a bone graft.



For people who have to pull all the teeth out, such as in the elders or with other causes, dental implant All-on-4 will help to return smiles, confidence, and ease in talking and eating again. The advantage is that this method uses only 4 implants to hold the entire dentures.