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Awards and accreditations

American Board of Orthodontics Certified

Being listed in ABO signifies a commitment to excellence in the field of Orthodontics. In Thailand, there is only a handful of ABO certified Orthodontists. Denta-Joy is one of the very few you can find in Thailand.

A board certified Orthodontist has the highest level of experience and understanding about the complexity of Orthodontics. They have undergo extensive and additional training in highly competitive orthodontic schools to ensure the quality of treatment given to patients.

The Only Authorized and Official Invisalign Dedicated Clinic in Thailand.

Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign®, appointed Denta-Joy as their sole Flagship Clinic (Invisalign Dedicated Clinic) in Thailand. Denta-Joy bears the flag for Align Technology. Opened in 2014, Denta-Joy IDC is the the place to visit for people who want to get Invisalign treatment in Thailand.

Top 1 Invisalign Provider of SouthEast Asia (Red Diamond Provider)

Denta-Joy also ranks number 1 for having treated the most number of cases in all of SouthEast Asia, crowning the clinic a lifetime achievement award in behalf the founder, Dr. Narandr Chevangkul. Denta-Joy also stands as the only Red Diamond Provider in Thailand. The status is a clear indication of strong expertise and quality of work treating specialists puts in their practice. It also reflects increasing patients who select a practice with higher accreditation.

American Association of Orthodontics

Founded in 1900, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is the world’s oldest and largest dental specialty organization. Denta-Joy is a member practice and is under the supervision of AAO. Certified practices aims to ethically advance the art and science of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics worldwide, thus improving the health of the public by promoting quality orthodontic care