The Denta-joy orthodontist team, led by Dr. Narandr Chevangkul, attended the annual AAO 2024 meeting in New Orleans, US.

3-5 May 2024 – Dr. Narandr Dr. Naruna Chevangkul and Dr.Nunhathai Chirdchutham participated in “The world’s greatest celebration of orthodontics” event, which included the annual conference along with exhibitions showcasing products and innovations related to orthodontics and dental aesthetics, as well as other related dental treatments. The event was organized by the American Association of Orthodontists and took place in New Orleans, Los Angeles, United States.

For the members of the American Association of Orthodontists, this was periodically annual event they attended its event every year after the pandemic ended. After joining, our dentist team founded the fasten lingual braces as known as Brava by BRIUS has developed and formulated itself to serve all the complex cases of orthodontic patients to underline that their appliance can be served and supported to a diversified cases. This is another change and mover from the provider. 

In addition, the American Association of Orthodontists also presented new perspectives on treatment methods and advancements in treatment processes and orthodontics. Moreover, the annual conference, event featured seminars, lectures on various topics, and an exhibition showcasing products.

Besides, the dental professionals had the opportunity to meet and network with experts and colleagues from various countries around the world, who shared their knowledge and experiences in the field of orthodontics from different corners of the globe.