Over 200 cases have guaranteed by the award of “Lifetime Achievement Awards from Brius Technology” by BRIUS. Denta-joy has contributed a new smile to all patients by using the fasten invisible orthodontics with independent movers.

The greater step of achievement and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to all the customers who trust and have confidence in Denta-joy for designing your smiles with confidence by choosing to use the Brava by BRIUS orthodontic service (Fasten orthodontics appliance, independent mover) with orthodontists specialized in Denta-joy. The clinic has been officially certified by BRIUS since we first started using it with patients in 2019. Denta-joy is the first dental clinic in Asia to use Brava by BRIUS. During this time, Denta-joy has provided orthodontic treatment with Brava by BRIUS tools to over 200 cases. All cases are carefully caring by Denta-joy’s team of specialized orthodontists.

BRIUS Technologies invited Dr. Narandr Jiwarangkoon, the founder of Denta-joy, to receive the award during the seminar in Thailand on May 08, 2024. The award was presented by Lea A. Ellermeier, CEO of BRIUS Technologies Inc.