The impressive picture from the PDA Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions on May 14th, 2567, in the Republic of the Philippines, where over 1,200 dentists and interested individuals attended lectures.

The special lecture titled “Assisted Individual Tooth Movement & Bone Grafting in Orthodontics,” presented by Dr.Narandr Chevangkul, recognized for his innovative leadership in invisible orthodontic treatment. Dr. Narandr has successfully managed cases using the Brava by BRIUS (invisible orthodontics appliances) for orthodontic treatment requiring bone grafting and simultaneous root canal therapy, demonstrating another instance where patients have achieved new smiles through his care.

Acknowledging Dr. Narandr’s expertise and accomplishments, along with the substantial number of orthodontic cases treated with the Brava by BRIUS – invisible orthodontics appliances by Dr. Narandr and his dentist team, surpassing 200 cases, stands as an admirable testament. This has facilitated the dissemination of specialized knowledge to dental teams and interested individuals in the Philippines.

The lecture drew an audience of over 1,200 individuals, comprising dental professionals and enthusiasts, underscoring the significant honor accorded to Dr. Narandr by the Philippine Dental Association. Dr. Narandr and his dentist team, Denta-joy, aspire that the insights shared during this lecture will foster confidence and improve patient treatment efficiency for all attendees.