Denta-joy at “Bringing Transformative Technology to Orthodontics” Singapore

Over100 cases of Brava by BRIUS, Dr Narandr has been invited to speak at the event "Bringing Transformative Technology to Orthodontics" in Singapore.

On August 8, 2023 – The latest orthodontic technology with Brava by BRIUS was introduced at Dental-Joy Clinic in Thailand. Since then, Dental Joy has treated more than 100 cases using Brava by BRIUS.


Today, Dr. Narandr Chevangkul was invited by Joycmile Technology to be a co-speaker for a group of dentists from Southeast Asia in the event titled “Bringing Transformative Technology to Orthodontics” in Singapore. The aim was to share knowledge and experiences in orthodontics, including the application of innovative tools and approaches to address various dental issues. Dr. Narandr Chevangkul’s treatment approach emphasizes communication and patient-centered care, understanding the patient’s goals and expected outcomes of orthodontic treatment, planning the treatment process, and selecting suitable tools based on expected results.


Brava by BRIUS remains a novel technology that both dentists and patients are interested in. They seek knowledge and understanding to access the capabilities of orthodontic tools, aiming for the best treatment outcomes. For patients, it offers an alternative that helps address the complexity of orthodontic treatment and optimally extends the duration of treatment.