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Jaw Surgery with Orthodontics

Is simply known as corrective jaw surgery. This kind of surgery aims to correct facial and jaw structure disharmonies. Furthermore, the procedure can also beneficial for those suffering from TMJ disorder and sleep apnea.


For Orthodontics, corrective jaw surgery is carried out to patients which cases cannot be corrected by metal braces alone. Normally the procedure is a collaboration between maxillofacial surgeons, dentists and orthodontists.

Benefits of healing

  • Resolve the problem of unbalanced  proportion of face.
  • Adjust the teeth to the correct position.
  • Open bite, protruding jaw or receding chin.
  • Congenital defects such as a cleft palate.
  • Malocclusions (bite problems) resulting from underbites or severe overbites.
  • Difficulty swallowing, chewing, or biting food.
  • Inability to make the lips meet without straining.
  • Chronic mouth breathing and dry mouth

Treatment Procedure

  • A team that consists of oral surgeons, general dentists and Orthodontists is usually present in the surgical procedure. They will be the one to cooperate with each other to determine if the patient is ready for the surgery and phasing of the treatment.
  • Appropriate anaesthesia will be applied and the surgery will be performed inside the mouth.
  • After the surgery, the team will monitor the patient and help the patient throughout other procedures that might be needed to improve the functionality and enhance esthetics.

Limitations of treatment

  • Mostly patients under 18, with jaw is still growing  is not a candidate for Orthognathic Surgery.

FAQ: Jaw Surgery with Orthodontics

Q: What is the surgery for jaw alignment with Orthodontics?

A: Surgery to align the jaw with braces. Is surgery to correct? And adjust its position. Jaw to the face is normal. The teeth may be combined with the treatment. The condition of the frame is usually better.

Q: What are the symptoms and causes of surgery for jaw surgery?

A: The symptoms and causes of surgery for jaw surgery are as follows.

  • Having problems with the teeth. Make speech and pronunciation abnormal.
  • Problems with occlusion Due to the structure of the face and teeth. Cause of mastication. Go in the wrong way
  • Pain in the jaw Because of abnormal shape.
  • There is a disorder of the tooth structure. And there is a disorder of the teeth.
  • There is a structural disorder of the page.

Q: What are the advantages of surgery for jaw surgery?

A: The advantages of surgery for jaw alignment are as follows.

  • Make pronunciation and speaking better and clearer.
  • Make food chewing more effective. Because of the better teeth.
  • Make the jaw structure And the structure of the page. And more appropriate.
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Step 1

For Orthodontics, the dentist will make a treatment plan according to the goals including alignment of teeth.


The case will be forwarded to the oral surgeon to contribute his/her treatment plan on the surgical part.

Step 3

Perform surgery (done in hospital)

Step 4

Follow up the results. Patients will be closely monitored by the medical team.