“Clear Aligners” New Trend Making Life Easier

The new trend of “clear aligners” is making life easier when it comes to teeth alignment.

In this era, professions favored by the younger generation, like us, often involve relying on good personal image and confidence. Occupations such as actors, singers, air hosts/hostesses, models, or even internet influencers in the social media world, lead many to strive for an enhanced appearance. This includes maintaining facial skin and even resorting to surgical procedures.

One of the most popular ways to enhance beauty is undoubtedly “orthodontic treatment.” To achieve beauty, it takes years, along with the annoyance of traditional metal braces that cause discomfort and lack of confidence when smiling or taking pictures. Additionally, there’s a risk of oral health issues. Achieving beauty is not an easy task.

But worry not, because today, Dentajoy has something good to offer – “clear aligners” or Invisalign.

Clear aligners (Invisalign) are a method of orthodontic treatment using transparent plastic tools, which is a new innovation in orthodontics. The treatment is planned through 3D computer systems and utilizes clear and removable aligners instead of the usual visible metal braces. This helps align your teeth beautifully without being noticeable. The aligners are customized to fit each individual’s teeth structure, generally taking about 1-2 years, which is shorter than traditional braces by about 30%. This duration varies depending on each individual’s dental condition.

Key Features and Advantages of Clear Aligners:

  1. Enhancing Personality and Building Confidence: Clear aligners, being barely noticeable, allow you to smile with confidence, reducing speech and eating difficulties. They are specially suitable for models, and people in professions with specific limitations, like air hostesses, as well as those who need a good public image. With these clear aligners, nobody knows you are undergoing treatment. You can comfortably speak, sing, and perform various activities.
  2. Easier Daily Life: Eating with traditional braces is challenging, and brushing and flossing are even more difficult. But with clear aligners, you can easily remove them for brushing and eating, and they’re particularly advantageous for biting into apples or corn.
  3. Improved Oral Health Care: Oral hygiene is more convenient with clear aligners as they are easily removable, allowing regular brushing and flossing. Unlike metal braces, they prevent the accumulation of food particles and plaque, leading to better gum and teeth health.
  4. Reduces Disease and Injury Risks in the Oral Cavity: Clear aligners, made from lightweight plastic, use 3D computer technology for treatment planning, resulting in aligners tailored to each person’s dental structure. As a result, there’s no irritation or discomfort to the oral cavity, reducing the risk of injuries often associated with metal braces.

For those seeking a specialized clinic for clear aligners, Dentajoy is a recommended choice. With over 37 years of dental experience, they are a renowned dental clinic and the highest-ranked “Invisalign Red Diamond Provider” in Thailand and Southeast Asia, retaining this title for four consecutive years. Their expertise provides a path towards both personal appearance and good dental health.

Moreover, Dentajoy offers promotions for those interested, with prices starting at just 59,000 baht, and they even offer installment plans. This is based on the individual’s dental condition and complexity.