Introducing Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS, the New Technology First in Thailand and Asia!

Beautiful teeth are a significant source of charm and confidence for most people. Nowadays, there are various methods of teeth alignment available to choose from based on individual preferences. However, for those who desire perfectly aligned teeth but wish to avoid using noticeable orthodontic appliances over an extended period, let’s get to know the innovative teeth alignment technique introduced for the first time in Thailand – “Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS” from Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST, the pioneer in bringing this technology to Thailand since 2019.

  1. Understanding Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS Brava by BRIUS is a revolutionary teeth alignment innovation that efficiently and accurately aligns teeth for an attractive appearance in a short period. This technique involves attaching the orthodontic appliance to the back of the teeth, rendering it virtually invisible. Brava by BRIUS offers a convenient daily life and is easy to maintain and clean.
  2. How Does Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS Work? Orthodontists plan the teeth alignment process through computer systems and attach the orthodontic appliance on the inner side of the teeth. The appliance exerts controlled pressure to gently move each tooth individually according to the preplanned treatment. This allows precise and accurate alignment of teeth. Unlike traditional braces, patients can’t remove the Brava by BRIUS appliance by themselves; regular appointments are essential for progress checks and adjustments.
  3. Duration of Treatment Brava by BRIUS is suitable for individuals of all ages and genders. It offers quick results compared to other alignment methods. This technique requires approximately 50% less treatment time than traditional braces, owing to the appliance’s continuous and independent movement capabilities. The treatment duration may vary based on individual tooth conditions, treatment plans, and goals.
  4. Invisible Braces Inside vs. Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS While both techniques involve attaching the orthodontic appliance to the back of the teeth, the technology behind Brava by BRIUS differs significantly. Brava by BRIUS allows each tooth to move independently and continuously. This results in a shorter treatment time compared to conventional inside braces.
  5. The Debut of Brava by BRIUS Technology in Thailand at Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST was the first clinic to introduce the Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS technology in Thailand and Asia. In 2019, the clinic successfully treated its first patient with teeth alignment and protrusion issues using Brava by BRIUS. The patient desired to complete the treatment before their wedding, and Denta-joy achieved this within just 11 months. This innovative treatment not only saves time but also ensures highly precise teeth alignment, providing utmost satisfaction.

For those facing teeth alignment concerns and interested in the advanced Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS technology, Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST, staffed by experienced and expert dentists, is here to guide and provide services. With us, you can confidently embark on your treatment journey. For inquiries or more information, contact us at 095-491-8659.