Dr. Naran Chivangkul, orthodontic specialist Invited to teach orthodontics at Temple University

Dr. Naran Chivangkul, Denta-joy’s orthodontic specialist, was invited to teach Orthodontics Residents about Invisalign and Brius invisible braces, which are 100% invisible. In the latest orthodontics at Temple University, Kornberg School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on February 9th.

Dentajoy and a team of dental specialists, the latest invisible orthodontic equipment Brius, have started using this new technology in treating interested patients for a while now. Ready to get good results with maximum efficiency.

The highlight of this new orthodontic tool Make the patient not have to remove when eating. chewing food normally Easier to clean the mouth Therefore shortening the time of orthodontic treatment from traditional orthodontic treatment Orthodontics can be done more quickly and precisely according to the doctor’s evaluation.

If you have orthodontic limitations in various aspects Whether it’s the case that the arrangement is not completed as scheduled because the tray has to be removed quite often Especially those who have to be in front of the camera or speak at meetings and meet many people. We have new orthodontic options through the latest technology that is even better.

You can come to consult with us every day. Ready to serve in all dental problems. Orthodontics at Denta Joy