Is Invisible Braces by BRIUS good? Where should you get them?

Which type of braces should you choose? And where is the best place for braces? The first in Thailand with the technique of Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS at Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST. Today, we invite you to learn about Brava by BRIUS braces, a dental technique that fulfills every smile beautifully and provides convenience to your teeth alignment. What are the advantages of Brava by BRIUS? Who is it suitable for? Let’s find out!

  1. How is Brava by BRIUS Different from Other Types of Braces? Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS is a new teeth alignment innovation introduced by Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST as the first in Thailand. This technique is somewhat similar to inside braces, as it involves attaching the orthodontic appliance on the inner side of the teeth, making it nearly 100% invisible. However, the uniqueness of Brava by BRIUS lies in its personalized design for each individual and its efficiency in achieving precise and rapid teeth alignment. The appliance exerts controlled pressure to move each tooth individually throughout the treatment, resulting in visible teeth alignment progress.

Advantages of Brava by BRIUS: Appliance is 100% invisible, allowing full speech and smiles without compromising personal appearance and confidence. Shorter treatment duration compared to other types of braces. Effective and precise alignment of all tooth conditions. Convenient for daily life, with no need for removal, placement, or concerns about misplacing the appliance. Minimal discomfort during treatment. Easy teeth brushing and maintenance, as Brava by BRIUS doesn’t have wires and brackets to clean around. Less frequent visits to the orthodontist.

  1. Who is Brava by BRIUS Suitable For? In fact, Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS is custom-designed for individuals. Therefore, regardless of your specific tooth issues, Brava by BRIUS can effectively address your concerns. You can check if Brava by BRIUS is suitable for you through the following criteria:

Individuals who want to avoid having visible braces. Individuals who want to maintain confidence and personal appearance during treatment. Those who desire rapid and immediate teeth alignment results in less than a year. People seeking convenience in their daily life, without the need to count hours for appliance placement. Those who prefer not to frequently visit the orthodontist for adjustments.

  1. Where to Get Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS? For Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS, it’s a must to choose Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST. We are a dental clinic with a high level of expertise in teeth alignment, staffed by experienced orthodontists. Moreover, we are the pioneers in introducing this cutting-edge dental technology to Thailand, allowing you to experience the change in your smile confidently.

Successful Case Examples: Beautiful Teeth in 8 Months Before Studying Abroad: This patient was planning to study abroad but lacked confidence due to deep bite, protruding teeth, and gaps. Opting for teeth alignment using Brava by BRIUS, they successfully completed the treatment in just 8 months, aligning their teeth according to their travel schedule. Immediate Beautiful Teeth Before the Wedding: This patient was about to get married but had issues with gaps and protruding teeth, requiring tooth extraction for treatment. Opting for Brava by BRIUS, the orthodontist planned the treatment and utilized the latest alignment technology to achieve consistent and gentle tooth movement. The patient achieved their desired teeth alignment within just 11 months, aligning with their wedding plans.

For those desiring beautiful teeth and interested in Invisible Braces: Brava by BRIUS, a high-performance technology, Denta-joy THE ORTHODONTIST is ready to provide expert advice and services from experienced dentists. As the first clinic to introduce Brava by BRIUS in Thailand, you can trust in our treatment process. If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact us at 095-491-8659.