Denta-Joy Attending “First class of Dental materials of Graphy education” conducted by Graphy.Inc, Korea

2 February 2023 – Denta-joy Orthodontists attending the event of “First class of Dental materials of Graphy education” conducted by Graphy, Inc., Korea. It was held on 25-27 January 2023 in Seoul. This event was joined by Dr Naruna Chevangkul and Dr Supachai Saelarit as the representative of the Dentist’s Dentajoy to train how to utilize the innovation for applying to the orthodontic devices or materials in use.   . Regarding this, Denta-joy acquired professional technical dentists verified in using the Graphy innovation product. As a consequence of this education, we will initiate the ingenious product to solve the pain point from all orthodontic patients, especially the recurring problems they confront. Besides, the newly invented product will be launched to all Thai customers and Southeast Asia people soon. This could shape a new era of exclusive experience for orthodontic patients, in particular.  . However, Denta-joy is always being the leading innovator who always seeks and contributes all the advanced dental technology to the patient experience. Besides, we commit to delivering the best solution and practice to our patients first.

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