Denta-Joy Highest invisalign blue diamond provider award in 2021

Another success that reinforces our leadership in orthodontics.

Dentajoy’s team of Invisalign dentists, led by Dr. Naruna Chivangkun, were invited to the event. And received the award “Invisalign Blue Diamond Provider, the highest ranking of Invisalign clear orthodontic services in 2021” at the SEA Forum 2022 held at the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River by the align Technology company, the innovator. Invisalign clear braces on February 21, 2022. Dentajoy is the only clinic in Southeast Asia (SEA) to receive this prestigious award.

Once again, Dentajoy received this award. Consecutively for 4 consecutive years, showing leadership in orthodontic technology. And is the leader in clear orthodontic Invisalign, which we pioneered into Thailand in 2001 and is the only Invisalign Flagship Clinic in Thailand. for our patients to have a confident smile with modern technology, international standards

Because each person’s teeth problems are different. Choosing an orthodontic clinic is therefore not anywhere. We have a team of experienced orthodontists. Able to design beautiful teeth and perfect treatment plan That is why Denta Joy has been trusted by all patients for over 38 years.