Dr. Narandr Chevangkul joined the grand openning of Brava by BRIUS in Hanoi, Vietnam.

7 November 2023

Dr. Narandr was invited to participate in the official launch of Brava by BRIUS in Hanoi, Vietnam on 7 November 2023. This followed his participation in seminars and being a speaker in Singapore and Thailand in August 2023. During these seminars, a group of Vietnamese dentists visited and had the opportunity to participate and gain a knowledge shared by Dr. Narandr. At this time, it was a significant event for the Vietnamese dental team, as they had the exclusive opportunity to be part of the official launch of Brava by BRIUS. In addition to participating in the launch event, the dental team also had the privilege to join the seminar to upgrade thier knowledge from Dr. Narandr’ experienced in relevance to the latest orthodontic appliance as Brava by BRIUS in during the launch event too.

Dr. Narandr and Denta-joy are delighted that Brava by BRIUS is becoming widely recognized in various countries, not just the United States, Thailand, and other Asian countries. As Denta-joy is the first clinic outside the United States to deploy and implement the fasten and invisible orthodontic innovation of Brava by BRIUS for our patients. It is a kind of leverage the patient optional orthodontic appliance in the market and patient goal as the most importance focusing on our service.