“Revolutionising orthodontics through independent movers”, by Dr. Narandr in IDEM 2024, Singapore.

April 2024 – Dr.Narandr Chevangkul joined IDEM, Singapore on 17-19 April 2024 and shared his knowledge and tactics in orthodontics as he is the first Orthodontist in Asia Pacific to adopt the latest innovation in Orthodontics, Independent Mover (Brava). Brava is the fastest lingual braces and the latest innovation in orthodontic appliances. Denta-joy is the first clinic outside the US. brought and adopted to use the patient since 2019. This technology brings the priceless value of time and extraordinary experience to all patients and dentists in their treatment process and time. Also, it is designed in customized per singular appliance for only one. It allows one to move and align each tooth individually by a shortage treatment period. Let’s explore this technology with us at every Denta-joy branch.

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