Get to know the trend of ‘Clear Aligners’ for achieving a beautiful smile without traditional braces.

Because the issue of self-image arising from ‘teeth’ is not limited to just teenagers, it extends to working adults like us. However, if working individuals were to wear metal braces, besides drawing undue attention and potentially making us look older, it could also affect our professional credibility.

With the Pain Point that many adults or working individuals face, a new teeth straightening solution has emerged in the market, known as ‘Clear Aligners’ or Invisalign.

Many might wonder what it is. To answer that, let’s take a closer look below.

What is Clear Aligner Treatment? To put it in simple terms, it’s like the familiar teeth straightening process, but instead of using metal, transparent plastic is used. This allows the orthodontist to put in and remove the aligners anytime. Due to this transparency, unless observed closely, nobody would know you are straightening your teeth. Moreover, the treatment duration is usually around 1-2 years, which is approximately 30% shorter than traditional braces (this depends on each patient’s dental health issues).

Better than Traditional Braces, How? Aside from the shorter treatment time, clear aligners make each individual’s lifestyle easier. Not only do they reduce the problems of having metal in the mouth, which can lead to internal mouth irritation, but they also eliminate the issue of food particles getting stuck in the brackets, a common cause of tooth decay and oral health problems. Furthermore, you won’t need to allocate time for monthly adjustments, as is the case with traditional braces, because clear aligners are customized from the start until the end of treatment.

It’s not just for adults; even the trend-conscious of the new generation don’t prefer to show off traditional metal braces. Not just for professionals requiring trustworthiness, frontline staff, businesspeople, celebrities, entertainers, and professions where wearing metal braces is strongly discouraged, like air hosts and hostesses. Clear aligners are becoming a popular trend among both ordinary individuals and teenagers alike, both within and outside Thailand.

In terms of function, it provides more convenience in daily life. On the emotional side, clear aligners cater to consumers in this era who prefer simplicity. Moreover, clear aligners allow each person to change their looks more freely, escaping the negative image associated with illegal fashion braces.

Such advanced technology is already available in Thailand. Although it may seem new, clear aligners are being provided by one dental clinic in Thailand, namely Dentajoy, which has been in service for over 30 years. They were the first to offer Invisalign treatment in the country and have been recognized by Align Technology, USA, as a Blue Diamond Provider for Invisalign. Moreover, Dentajoy holds the highest number of treated cases in Southeast Asia and is ranked as the top provider in Thailand.

Starting with a 3D scan of the mouth, both the dentist and the patient plan the treatment through a computer program. This ensures that both parties understand the plan and are satisfied with the treatment outcomes.

It’s a fresh solution that effectively addresses consumers’ Pain Points in this era. Although the ultimate goal of teeth straightening is beauty, don’t forget that during the one, two, or more years of treatment, individuals still desire a good self-image. Businesses related to health, medicine, or dentistry still rely on trustworthiness, quality, and good service. With the endorsement from the creators of Invisalign, USA, and over 30 years of experience in the industry, Dentajoy consistently maintains its number one position in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Seeing these advantages, would you still prefer traditional braces?

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