Where is a good place for Invisalign teeth straightening?

DentaJoy Clinic has been providing specialized dental services in all branches for over 37 years, with experienced and knowledgeable dentists in each field. In addition to general dentistry, DentaJoy Clinic is also a provider of Invisalign clear aligner treatment using the 3D computer system. They started offering Invisalign treatment in January 2001, making them one of the early adopters of this method in Thailand. Invisalign treatment was first introduced in the United States in the year 2000.

They initiated internal braces treatment since 1983, pioneering this method in Thailand. DentaJoy Clinic started offering Invisalign treatment in Thailand from January 2001.

DentaJoy Clinic has been selected as an “Invisalign Dedicated Clinic” by Align Technology, USA, for the Asia-Pacific region. They hold the title of Invisalign Flagship Clinic in Thailand.

DentaJoy Clinic is the 2nd highest provider of Invisalign treatment in the Asia-Pacific region and the top provider in Southeast Asia.

Their team of 9 specialized Invisalign dentists, led by the head of the Invisalign Asia-Pacific Advisory Board, has received training and expertise in Invisalign treatment.

They were recognized as an Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider from 2001 to 2013, the highest level of recognition at the time. They achieved Invisalign Black Diamond Provider status from 2014 to 2015, and further earned the Invisalign Blue Diamond Provider status in 2016. Currently, they hold the highest recognition as an Invisalign Red Diamond Provider since 2017.